Mr. Mystery Guy.

I’ve been taking a break. Currently I am in a situation that would be killer and I mean killer material to write about BUT sadly, I can’t yet divulge this sensitive information yet because it involves someone I am talking to and it requires delicacy because of who he is to the public eye. I know………isn’t it killing you……..

So for now, I will reflect on the past in short poems or what not. Sorry I might not have any juicy dating stories for a bit.


I have quite an affectionate for words

But there are two words I omit from my vocabulary



In life thus far, I’ve learned to become poised

In the face of an obstruction

Because that is all it is, a temporary hindrance

REGRET is to feel disappointment, or feel like things could have gone differently

You are stubborn a bit aren’t you?

Stop. Rewire your mind


Learn to TRUST that every move you make is a blessing

And learn to turn a MISTAKE into an UNDERSTANDING

An understanding of more of who you are and the guidance you’ve gained.

If you can adapt this way of thinking, you will no doubt start to feel a rush of euphoric peace.


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