Mr. Mystery Guy Revealed…

Hey guys.

It’s been a minute, how are you?

If you read my last post about Mr. Mystery guy I could not say much because I was not sure where it was heading and it was a little sensitive because of what I found out about him. Well I can write a little about it now because it didn’t end up working out. I will still keep him as anonymous as I can because I believe he deserves his privacy.  He has no idea I have a blog let alone write about him.

So to start, If you have not read one of my first few posts titled “British Bloke” then go ahead and do that now because this is him that we’re talking about right now. This guy has literally been playing games with me for about a year now. I would get messages from him from time to time telling me he misses me and wants to see me but never made an effort to do so. So I just continued dating and let him figure his shit out. He was so wishy washy and I was not waiting around for him to figure out what he wanted. So recently he came at me full force and started messaging me every day and saying to me that he wanted to see me. I told him like this…….”Listen………….We have known eachother for about a year believe it or not, and I just think, if you wanted this to happen, you would have made it happen a long time ago” he replies “Babe, I do, I really do, I just think I wasn’t ready and now I am” hesitantly I reply “ok, understandable……so when would you like to get together and hang out?”

He proceeded to tell me about a trip he has to take to England to take care of some “Personal family business”. There he goes again with the family secrecy. He would not go into any detail about what he needed to do and we discussed meeting up after he returned. I became very curious and my intuition took over and I could not sleep one night and started to do some research. HOLY SHIT it came out of nowhere and I found what I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for. I found a british article about someone in his family which included him in it and then one article led to another and it was relative to a very public event that was happening at the time (hence the reason he was flying to england) EVERYTHING made sense now to me. It kills me that I can’t disclose exactly whom he is. I now knew why he was so private and never wanted to talk about his private family life. His family was going through a lot for the past year and it all became clear. I really don’t want to reveal who he is for his own privacy but I can say he was VERY close to the royal family. Due to all the family drama I read about via british articles, no wonder he was so wishy washy and I actually felt a little bad for him. I decided I was not going to tell him and wait for him to tell me when he was ready. It also made more sense to me why he broke off his engagement 6 months prior to when we first started talking. He did not like to talk about it much, but he would say that she became a person who cared too much about their appearance and how they looked, and she was very materialistic. That now makes more sense to me due to his social status. So after I found out I became more aware of his moods and why he might be acting the way he was acting. After he came back from England he became distant once again. And started doing the same thing he always does and pushes me away. And this time I understood why he was doing it, because of the sensitive situation he was going through at the moment that he had no clue that I knew about. But it became too much for me to try to put up with. He began to lie to me about things and that is when I had enough, even knowing what I knew. So I told him I was done playing these games and I told him not to contact me again if he will continue to play games. I was a little irritated at that moment and I kind of told him “I will be the best thing you never had” we have not spoken since then, and it’s been over a month.

Lesson to be learned:

I don’t really care who you are, your social status, or how much money you make. I care about how you make me feel. If you can make me smile, that right there is what I want.


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