Mr. Universe Guy Part 2

Mr. Universe continued:

I Mentioned to this guy that even after all the dating I’ve been doing in the past year, that I have yet to get past date two with any of them. I told him they were either jerks, or disrespectful, or perhaps the connection just was not there. He knew that if he went out with me on a third date that he would be kind of breaking a record of some sort. So after our second date he left out of town for a road trip. I loved the fact that he was going on this road trip adventure. Just another reason to like this man. I didn’t hear from him for a week but as soon as he got back into town he messaged me and asked when he could see me. We got together except this time he wanted to cook for me. I got to his place and he started to prepare to cook. While he was cooking he was telling me all about his trip. It was adorable how he could not multitask for shit. He would be talking to me about his travels and forget to turn the oven on, so the chicken was sitting in the oven for quite some time before he realized it needed to be on. He was so embarrassed and said he was nervous. I asked him why, and that he didn’t need to feel nervous around me. He said this was his first meal that he is cooking for me and he doesn’t want to screw it up. He got the chicken almost cooked and had rice prepared and realized he did not cook the broccoli so he got that done and by that time it was 11:30pm. I wasn’t bothered by it, I thought it was absolutely adorable. We sat down to eat and he had candles lit and wine to drink with our meal. It was delicious. I leaned over to him and gave him a kiss and thanked him for such a wonderful meal. That’s the thing about men, men sometimes can not verbally tell you how they admire you, they are sometimes not good with words when it comes to expressing themselves, so they could do it in other ways, and when he cooked for me like he did, it meant a lot to me and It was complete bliss.

After we ate we were relaxing on his couch and we began to kiss heavily. I noticed that he would not take it a step further I think unless he thought I was comfortable. I was very comfortable and decided to show him the body language needed  to let him know I was ok to proceed. So naturally as we were kissing I straddled on top of him as I put my arms around his neck and passionately kissed him. He put his arms around my waist and it was a go after that. We moved to the bedroom where he picked me up and threw me on his bed. And afterwards, we snuggled hard and he kissed me on the forehead several times as he was holding me. After that night we were inseparable. We saw each other almost every other day and still continue to do so now after a month. I have yet to learn everything about him, and each time I learn more I am even that much more attracted to him.




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