Mr. Universe Guy part 3

Mr. Universe Continued:

So I’ve been seeing this Mr. Universe quite often. After about a little over a month, I was starting to wonder if we were going to have the “talk” about being exclusive. I am an old fashioned girl and I need a verbal confirmation that we are moving forward. But I was not sure how to bring it up. Things were so smooth and going so well I didn’t want to put pressure on what it was, but at the same time I needed to know what it was we were doing. So one night we were sitting on his couch and he just randomly blurts out “so yeah I deleted that dating app” and I replied “Oh?” he continued and said he was receiving messages and he was not really interested so he decided to delete it. I said “oh ok” and wished I asked for him to elaborate but at the moment we changed subjects. Later that night we were cuddling and it was a good time to ask so I said to him while cradled in his arms “So you know how you said you deleted that dating app, could you elaborate?” He says “Well yeah like I said I was receiving messages and Im just not interested in that anymore, I like hanging out with you and I want to see where this goes” I was smiling on the inside and took my time to respond. I think I took too long because he was starting to worry and asked me “Is that ok?” I chuckled and told him “Yes! Of Course, I actually feel the same, and I have no interest in talking to anyone else……I like the way you make me feel” He smiled and squeezed me hard and kissed my forehead. Then he proceeded to tell me why he admires me and I took turns telling him why I admire him as well, and well, it was pretty fuckin cheesy, but it was fuckin cute. We had a moment and I had been waiting for the verbal confirmation to happen and I was relieved to know the feeling was mutual. After that we were hanging out quite often.I would get off work and go to his place and sleep over and leave in the morning for work. I would not get much sleep actually because he is a bit of an insomniac and he tosses and turns and hardly gets sleep. We have been taking turns cooking and I like to take him around to the places I like to hang out. I took him to this Tea lounge that is open 24 hours and he loved it. While we were there he grabbed a chess board and asked me if I wanted to play and I said sure. We started to play and I don’t think he thought I knew how to play. He was very good and he explained to me that he has not played in a long time and it felt good to play again. He said he used to be some chess champ as a kid and he gave it up once he hit middle school. So it was nostalgic for him to play again. I noticed he did not have a chess set at his house so I had amazon ship one to him and he was pretty stoked. I love spoiling him. It’s really nice to spoil someone who deserves it. I tell him that and he doesn’t understand what I mean by that. He tells me “Well I don’t know what I did to deserve it” I told him “just being you”. What he doesn’t understand is having to be with someone for years out of mostly obligation and “spoiling” is not really a thing, well because my ex did not deserve it. So you can assume I spoil the fuck out of him.

It was not until recently I have noticed something rather odd about Mr. Universe guy. Well, this is a lot of info…………so I hope your ready for this. So……when we first started messing around, it was good. He would try different positions on me and we were both satisfied by the end. But now… has become quite routine. He has started to give me body signals to do the same thing to him every time we mess around, and the worse part…..I I rarely get off from it. It starts the same way all the time, He grabs my hand and guides it down to his junk and so I play with him and give him a little oral but he does something a man has NEVER done to me. He stops me and uses his hand to finish………and he doesn’t have sex with me. If he does have sex with me it is very rarely and it’s only in one position which is me on my stomach flat like a fuckin plank and him from behind. That position does absolutely fucking nothing for me. AND the weirdest part about the whole damn thing is he will take himself out of me and finish with his hand………….I have never met a man…….who would prefer his hand…over me when I am willing and able and throwing myself at him.

This one time I tried to get him to have sex with me while I was giving him oral he said “I’m so tired” and I offered to ride him and do all the work and he said “I’m just half asleep though”. I was a bit tipsy so I barked back with a “WHAT?” I contemplated the idea that maybe he doesn’t enjoy making love to me……but I also know for a fact that I’ve been told my lady bit is “exquisite” and I have never had a complaint about my fellatio technique. So I am pretty sure its not me. So now about two months in….I have become built up……and no way to release. I’ve been teased and teased with no satisfaction and it’s starting to weigh on me. I feel bad that this is such a huge concern for me but it is. Sexual chemistry is important to me and I am just trying to understand what the problem is because in every other aspect of this man, he is so generous and giving and caring. So It doesn’t add up that he is like this sexually. It’s a pretty standard idea……common courtesy really. I take care of you, and you take care of me…….that’s the nice thing to do. BUT I will take care of his needs and he will literally get up to wash off and then get back in bed and go to sleep.


Thats so fuckin rude.


It’s become so routine now that it has come to a point where when he is done and up washing off I take care of my lady bits myself because I know when he comes back to bed he won’t! I can’t take this much longer guys………it’s really difficult for me because we connect in a lot of ways and we get along so well BUT the sexual chemistry is all wrong and I am starting to miss the good stuff I was getting before. I would never go behind his back to get it of course, BUT I think about the good stuff often and miss it badly. I have come to a conclusion that I need to sit down with him and casually bring it up without hurting his feelings because I need to either try to fix this, or leave it behind….because a lady needs to be satisfied and most men love to make sure their lady is satisfied so I feel a bit disappointed that he doesn’t feel that way about me. The other night I tried to find a good moment to talk to him but It was difficult to get the words out, so the next night I drank a glass of wine to make it easier and still was not able to bring myself to talk to him for fear that I will hurt his feelings. Another part of me thinks this is just who he is and me talking to him will make the sex after that feel like more of an obligation so what is a gal to do?

I need release soon though…


P.s: Still can’t believe this is my current issue, why the fuck is this an issue for me? Of Course I would get the guy who doesn’t want to fuck my brains out.

Sorry if this was TMI…..But my blog is anonymous and that means I don’t give a shit about getting real…….

Also…Sorry for my excessive cursing, but I am sexually frustrated at the moment…..


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