Mr. Universe Guy

Mr. Universe Guy

I have not been very active with the dating, but I still read messages I receive from the dating app from time to time. I received a message from a guy on Okcupid and we chatted for a short time, it was in the middle of the day and I was on my way in and out to meet a friend at the gym so it was short and sweet. Days went by and I honestly forgot about the conversation and he messaged me again. We chatted for a bit and he asked me what I was doing the next evening. I had no plans so he asked me if I wanted to go to this restaraunt where the top floor was on the roof and it had a great view of the night sky and downtown waterfront. He is a very clever man.  We discussed how we both were fond of stargazing and this was the perfect place to do so with casual conversation and drinks. Not to mention it was a full moon that night. I get there first so I grab a white wine and wait. He arrived and I walked to the front to meet him, he approached me and he was more handsome in person which was refreshing. We hugged and took the elevator to the top floor. We sat at the bar to order some wine, I ordered white and he ordered red. We began to chat and I noticed right away it was easy to talk to him. He looked me in the eyes with confidence. His body language was telling me he was very attracted to me and interested in the conversation. After a little while of easy conversation we walked over to the balcony and admired the full moon which would hide and pop through the clouds as it’s glow reflected onto the water. It was absolutely perfect and I was impressed. Again, his body language said it all, he would put his hand on the small of my back when we walked. His whole body was facing mine as we chatted. I would catch him admiring me as I talked. It was a rather windy night and my hair was going everywhere and I made a comment and said my hair is probably a mess and he looked at me and said “actually no it looks amazing, looks really nice blowing in the wind”. After more conversation he acknowledged that he felt a connection with me and asked me if I felt the same. I told him I did and we smiled and blushed. We decided to walk down to the park and at the waters edge to end the night. As we crossed the street he reached his hand out to me and we held hands through the park. We walked through this park with swirling pathways and oak trees that had glowing lights all around them from the base to the branches end. It looks like you are walking under the stars, It’s my favorite park to walk through at night. We walked toward the water and sat at a bench that aligned perfectly with the full moon glowing on the water. It was somewhat romantic for a first date,  but what can I say, I love that shit. We sat at that bench and shared eachothers philosophies and beliefs. He would start talking about the universe and I enjoyed every bit of it, I am also intrigued as much as he is so it was nice to have a conversation about hypothesis or what not with someone equally as interested. I told him I enjoy his universe talk and he blushed and apologized. I asked him why he was apologizing and said most dates he has been on don’t appreciate that kind of talk and become disinterested. I looked at him and said “No, I love it, keep going please” He said that was refreshing and smiled as he swam in my eyes. He then asked “would it be to forward if I kissed you right now” I said “absolutely not” and we kissed. I felt a spark as our lips touched and it was perfect. I didn’t want it to stop, he kissed a few times. Each time just as amazing. We continued to chat a bit more and then he drove me to my car. Before I got out, we kissed one more time and I got into my car and had a smile so big, I don’t remember the last time a kiss made me smile that big.


The next day we messaged each other a bit and he asked me what I was doing the following day. He wanted to take me to this local night market, which I actually wanted to go to anyways. This guy is doing everything right. So we met at the market and walked around. Then we ended up at this bar with a pool table, got some drinks and played pool. I let him win. Then we ended up at the bench along the water again. Another amazing night with this man. He cuddled and held hands on the bench and kissed a few times. He kissed my forehead a few times. I melted each time he did this. We genuinely were enjoying each other very much. As he gazed at the moon he told me he doesn’t remember the last time he had so much fun on a date. Told me I was one of the most genuine girls he has ever met. I felt the same. He asked me before our date was even over what I was doing the following day. I said I had nothing planned and he asked if I wanted to do something again. I smiled and said yes. He dropped me off at my car and it was another successful date.




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